Silence The Serpent

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Silence The Serpent
Silence The Serpent.jpg
Difficulty: Hardest
Description: Do not allow the serpent to fill you with doubt.

The Silence The Serpent is one of the Achievements in The Talos Principle.

How To Get The Achievement[edit | edit source]

No matter what you have answered to him before, the turning point of your relation happens when he says : [1]

"Welcome back. There are going to be some changes around here.

Do you know what your problem is? It's that you keep trying to reconstruct fairy tales, but refuse to recognise the holes in your understanding.

Thus far you've had entirely too much freedom to question my wisdom. From now on I do the talking, you do the agreeing."

In order to Silence The Serpent, you'll have to stand your ground and refuse that you might have been wrong in your reasoning. This will trigger an intervention of Elohim that will allow you to simply delete Milton from the system.

Here are the answers you need to pick :

  1. What holes? There are no holes.
  2. No, I stand by everything I've said. These matters are beyond doubt.
  3. [Any anwser]
  4. [Any anwser]
  5. /banish
  6. [Any answer]
  7. [Any answer]

Achievement should pop after that last answer.